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Becoming a Laughter Therapist

equinox 01bIt is with a lot of excitement that the first Certified Laughter Therapist Training will kick-off this weekend.

Developing this programme didn’t happen over night, it has been in the making for 10 years and many training and workshop, learning and teaching experiences have been added to its finish.

The programme is different from any other Laughter Facilitator and Laughter Yoga programmes with its minimum of 50 hours combined study and practical work, finishing with a dissertation to be presented.

As part of the certification to become a Laughter Therapist there is a number of exercises you must complete. Although the class work is listed throughout the pages, they are also part of your final submission of individual work, group work, report, dissertation.

You are required as part of the programme to organise a case study/studies, and once you will write up your report, your findings, results, and conclusion in a dissertation which you will present at a 2-hour in-person or online meeting.

This programme means business – laughter business!

For more information please visit the Laughter Therapy page or email To book find your venue and dates on

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