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IMG_8714It may seem like a random thing to say because everyone laughs.

However, just think about your laughter for a moment; how often do you laugh, how long, how deep and hearty, with whom – or without anyone, when do you laugh?

Constant questions.

But why question laughter?

Perhaps a good reason is that we add reason to laughing instead of experiencing laughter from within. Laughter becomes an intellectual item as we grow up and grow older, something we share based on our sense of humour, or lack of it.

Catharsis is release. To experience catharsis we need to allow ourselves to let go and become present with the experience of laughter instead of holding it back in order to stay in control.

Control and laughter do not go well together!

Learn how to re-connect with your laughter through Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy.

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