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Accreditation Requirements

With Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

When you train with UnitedMind and our approved teachers you have the choice to become an Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher or Coach, or Accredited Laughter Therapist.

In addition to the standard requirements for certification on the Laughter Yoga Training courses the following are required for the different courses in order to receive the additional certificate of accreditation.

The FHT Accreditation is only provided by UnitedMind Approved and Accredited Laughter Yoga Teachers.

Corporate Laughter

Laughter Yoga Leader Accreditation

The requirements for 2-day training are:

Laughter Yoga Teacher Accreditation

The requirements for 5-day training are:

Laughter Coach Accreditation

The requirements for 1-day training are:

Laughter Therapist Accreditation

The requirements for the training are:

Accreditation FAQs

All our courses are accredited with FHT, Federation of Holistic Terapists who is the UK’s largest professional association for therapists, ensuring high standards in therapy education and practice since 1962.

Accreditation ensures that course providers and prospective students recognise that qualifications and short courses have been independently and externally assessed, meeting the highest standards.

Accreditation is a big step towards standardising the method of Laughter Yoga and how it is being taught, ensuring best practices and high standards are kept.

All training courses are certificated with recognised certification. Accreditation is the extra level that adds to the recognition of your training. Some organisations and corporations require accredited training in order to approve for staff training.

Approved teachers are submitted by UnitedMind  the FHT register of teachers. Make sure you check your teacher’s credentials if you wish to obtain accreditation.

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