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Laughter News December 2013

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Information in this newsflash about

  • Give the gift of laughter
  • Laughter Flashmob? (briefly)
  • The UK mental health needs a boost!
  • The Laughter Club – north and south (reminder)


Give the Gift of Laughter

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” Victor Hugo

lemon two christmas - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte MikkelsenDecember is the month just as many people love as there har people who dread it.

The time of year when days are getting shorter and darker and the expectations of the holiday season create unnecessary stress before it is all over and we face the aftermath of our tremendously joyous celebrations.

However, a smile and a shared laugh often removes the weariness and puts us in a frame of mind where we can face any challenge with a positive attitude.

Give laughter as a gift this year!

And why such silliness?

The impact of laughing cannot be underestimated. There is no way I can fully express how teaching people to laugh touches, moves and inspires me. Every time I meet someone I have laughed with in a workshop or training setting, a laughter club on on the telephone laughter, I become present to the miracle this work truly is. The genuine light in people’s eyes and the bounce in their steps, the change in posture and the smile on their faces – it is magical, and it always reminds me of the many reasons this is my all-time favourite choice of ‘work’.

And isn’t Christmas a season for real-life miracles and magical happenstances?

Laughter Yoga rocks my world and the world of those who take it on!

Take a peak at the many offers available in the UnitedMind Online Shop – there is laughter for friends, family, colleagues and those we write to at Christmas…

  • Books, CDs and DVDs – Laughter Yoga International products mainly
  • Telephone Laughter Club Subscriptions – monthly, quartely, annually
  • Training Programmes – Laughter Yoga Teacher, Leader, Coach and more
  • Workshops – Laughter Medicine, Certified Gibberish, Laughter Alone etc

Subscription, workshop or training presents will be issued as gift certificates.

If you cannot find a suitable laughter present please contact us to discuss your requirements for team and individual training on email, or phone 07736 341 717.

Laughter Flashmob?

20130608 112813 - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte MikkelsenGreat news!

For many years Laughter Yoga Professionals have excitedly been raving on about organising a Laughter Flashmob and now it is finally happening!

Book the date – 5th July 2014, somewhere in Central London.

Exact time and place will be revealed before the event to all participants so make sure you book the event for you and your friends and family – a great day for an outing!

The UK mental health needs a boost!

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” Robert Frost

Over the years, I have trained and worked with numerous people within the health as well as mental health sector. We need to bring laughter to this area of work.

On several occasions people on my trainings and workshops have discussed CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as a method of working through significant life changes or challenges.

The issue is that people who go through this type of programme often, upon completion, would like to have a ‘next step’ available to them.

Learning Laughter Yoga as a one-on-one coaching technique is a powerful way of creating a new way and a new outlook in life – perhaps the missing link from the first therapy to successfully recovering from trauma, loss, fear, anxiety, depression, bullying, anger and other widely spread community symptoms.

One little statistical note:

  • According to the Samaritans bullying affects one in four people in the workplace today. 19 million sick days are lost to bullying and, according to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), the estimated cost for disputes exceeds £120 million per year.

Lotte til latterklub aug 05 - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte MikkelsenLaughter Yoga works.

It works when there is a willingness to work with the Laughter Facilitator or Laughter Coach and take onboard the teachings and coaching – even when the laughter is simulated or fake as we say.

There is real power in the transition from down to up, and real motivation and taking responsibility when the deepfelt desire for change is present!

Could Laughter Yoga make mental health issues a challenge of the past?

People say:

  • “Thank you again for a fantastic weekend. What an amazing and memorable experience you’ve given us. I still have a big grin on my face wherever I go and have continued to do laughing exercises at home.” Anita, ME sufferer
  • “I have run several laughter sessions with staff and patients that I work with and we have always had a thoroughly good time! You can’t beat a good laugh to raise the spirits and mood!” Sue, NHS
  • “Light-hearted workshops but with serious undertones. The value of laughter communicated well.” NHS Norwich
  • “I would recommend this laughter therapy to everyone – not only for carers who are under a lot of stress.” Carers in North London

Please contact us to discuss bringing Laughter Yoga to your organisation, clients, patients or for individual requirements, on email, or phone 07736 341 717.

The Laughter Club International – north and south

In June 2014 The Laughter Club International (UK) in St. Albans will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

After monthly laughs for almost a decade it is time for change!

From January The Laughter Club in St. Albans will no longer run on monthly Sundays but will be available on every Wednesday from 15th January at 12noon to 1pm at the Friends Meeting House, 7 Upper Larimore Road, AL1 3UD. This is really exciting news as we are encouraging more regular laughter for the pure benefits of it all – and there is more news!

The Laughter Club International (UK) is now reaching into the North-East of England and will start a monthly laughter club which will be running on 3rd Friday every month from 1pm to 2pm at Body Talk Health & Fitness, 3 Cook Way, North West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, SR8 2HY.

The Laughter Club is on a mission to spread therapeutic laughter and Laughter Yoga! No Yoga, just breathing and laughter!

We also laugh in the Bushey Rose Garden from May to August on the 3rd Monday from 12noon to 1pm.

As if that wasn’t enough laughing, please also remember that we laugh every day from 7am to 7:10am on The Telephone Laughter Club!

Full details of The Laughter Club and The Telephone Laughter Club and Laughter Clubs in the UK.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.

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